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By way of 1805 the 44-gun frigate was once most likely considered as a failed test when the 38-gun frigate was once seen because the vessel of the long run. Ten years later each military was once construction 44-gun frigates and at the present time it truly is seen because the image of the Napoleonic-era cruiser. This outstanding transformation resulted from the functionality of 3 ships – the structure, usa, and President – 44-gun frigates equipped for the USA military among 1794 and 1799. Their victories within the naval warfare of 1812, in addition to their functionality opposed to the Barbary Pirates, stuck the mind's eye of the realm – and spurred all navies into re-examining the category.

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As has before been said, it was not until danger stared them in the face that the burgomasters were willing to pay for their defences. While the republican government lasted, however, this economy was practised least of all upon the fleet; and until the death of John De Witt, in 1612, and the peace with England in 1674, the Dutch navy was in point of numbers and equipment able to make a fair show against the combined navies of England and France. Its efficiency at this time undoubtedly saved the country from the destruction planned by the two kings.

Here, then, is seen pure, absolute, uncontrolled power gathering up into its hands all the reins for the guidance of a nation's course, and proposing so to direct it as to make, among other things, a great sea power. To enter into the details of Colbert's action is beyond our purpose. It is enough to note the chief part played by the government in building up the sea power of the State, and that this very great man looked not to any one of the bases on which it rests to the exclusion of the others, but embraced them all in his wise and provident administration.

More important even than the size of the navy is the question of its institutions, favoring a healthful spirit and activity, and providing for rapid development in time of war by an adequate reserve of men and of ships and by measures for drawing out that general reserve power which has before been pointed to, when considering the character and pursuits of the people. Undoubtedly under this second head of warlike CHAPTER 1. DISCUSSION OF THE ELEMENTS OF SEA POWER. 39 The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660−1783 preparation must come the maintenance of suitable naval stations, in those distant parts of the world to which the armed shipping must follow the peaceful vessels of commerce.

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