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As Faist (1999, p. 46) puts it, diasporas are a distinct form of transnational communities in that ‘there is a vision and remembrance of a lost or an imagined homeland still to be established, often accompanied by a refusal of the receiving society to fully recognize the cultural distinctiveness of community members who are dispersed to many diverse regions of the world’. Moreover, Levitt (2001, p. 200) describes transnational communities as occupying the space between what Smith and Guarnizo (1998) call ‘transnationalism from above’, or global governance and economic activities, and ‘transnationalism from below’, or the everyday grounded practices of individuals.

ESAP recommended the liberalization of the economy, the privatization of state companies and the cutting of state subsidies.

Hence, the class aspect, among other factors, helps us to understand the characteristic of migrants, their routes of travel and spatial attributes. Because of colonial and historical links, the United Kingdom is the main destination for Zimbabwean emigrants in Europe. According to the UK census, there were 7,905 Zimbabweans in the country in 1971, 16,330 in 1981, 21,252 in 1991, 47,158 in 2001 and 125,000 in 2011. Taking advantage of colonial and historical connections and a less restrictive immigration policy between UK and Zimbabwe prior to November 2002, large numbers of Zimbabweans arrived in the country.

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