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By Henk J. Verkuyl

Sentences might pertain to states or strategies or occasions. they might show boundedness, length, repetition, frequency, and plenty of different kinds of temporality. How do they do that? Henk Verkuyl provides the following a thought approximately aspectual houses of sentences in usual languages. A conception of Aspectuality brings jointly the fruit of his considering at the topic during the last two decades, and may curiosity all these engaged on element and the semantics of noun words. It supplies to be a tremendous contribution to our figuring out of the topic.

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For more discussion, see Dayal (2003b, 2011). 4 There are some obvious connections to be made here with the distinction between weak and strong case positions in de Hoop (1992), and also some differences. I refer the reader to Bhatt, Dayal and Kidwai (in prep) for relevant discussion and will settle for pointing out that the data in (6c) does not fit in with the specifics of de Hoop’s proposal. Setting aside many important details, the point to keep in mind is that incorporated bare nominals cannot be conflated with overt indefinites, weak or strong, as will become clear in section 2.

Her analysis of semantic incorporation uniformly treats these nominal expressions as property-denoting predicative indefinites. However, in this section we will see that existential bare plurals and incorporated bare singular count nouns do not display the same properties, thus calling for a need to keep the two distinct (see also Dayal, 2011). , 2006; Espinal & McNally, 2007, 2009, 2011; Espinal, 2010). As argued by Espinal & McNally, BNs in Spanish and Catalan syntactically behave like arguments of the verb, although semantically they should be analyzed as denoting properties rather than individuals (the typical denotation of a full DP in argument position in Romance languages).

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