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By Malcolm Archibald

Nineteenth-century Dundee used to be a difficult, unforgiving position. for lots of of its electorate, it used to be the survival of the fittest, and to outlive they became to crime. yet what used to be it relatively like either for the criminals and the law-abiding electorate to reside within the streets and closes of Dundee at the moment? A Sink of Atrocity finds the true Dundee of the 19th century and the normal and outstanding crimes of the days. in addition to the standard family violence, fights and petty thefts, the Peter Wallace gang plagued town whereas Resurrectionists brought on panic and alarm. there have been additionally notorious murders and an awesome number of crimes through girls, in addition to hugely strange crimes corresponding to the robbery of a whale at sea. in contrast tidal wave of crime stood males like Patrick Mackay and the city's different Messengers-at-Arms, answerable for apprehending criminals sooner than the appearance of the police. It was once a difficult activity in a difficult urban, however the punishments have been critical because the experts fought...

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For an explanation of ideal types, see Turner, Beeghley and Powers (2002). 34. McKeown (1976:5). 3 5 . Mendelsohn et al. (1994). 36. Sagan (1983). The subsequent work referred to below is Thompson and Schneider (1986). 37. McKeown (1976). 38. O n Van Gogh and the problem of modernity, see Welsh-Ovcharov (1974). 39. Rule (1978). 40. Sieber (1981);Tenner (1996).

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