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By Robert J. Mrazek

One of many nice untold tales of global conflict II eventually involves gentle during this exciting account of Torpedo Squadron 8 and their heroic efforts in assisting an outmatched U.S. fleet win serious victories at halfway and Guadalcanal. those 35 American men--many flying outdated aircraft--changed the process background, occurring to turn into the war's such a lot embellished naval air squadron, whereas soreness the heaviest losses in U.S. naval aviation history.
Mrazek paints relocating photographs of the boys within the squadron, and exposes a stunning cover-up that price many lives. jam-packed with exciting scenes of conflict, betrayal, and sacrifice, A sunrise LIKE THUNDER is destined to develop into a vintage within the literature of global conflict II.

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Not for the last time, the Japanese had thoroughly underestimated what it would take to wrest control of the island from the Marines. As the Japanese were preparing for their first ground offensive to retake the island, on August 20 the first Marine aircraft arrived. The initial echelon was small – 19 F4F fighters and 12 SBD dive-bombers – but their arrival fundamentally changed the situation in the entire campaign. The waters around the island were now too dangerous for Japanese ships during the day, whether or not the American carriers were within range.

Guns. The centerpiece of Scott’s plan was to use his cruiser gunnery to decimate the Japanese. Scott wanted his cruisers to engage as soon they had a target and intended to use the cruiser floatplanes for target illumination. Placing his destroyers at the front and end of his formation gave the cruisers clear fields of fire and reduced the problem of identifying friend from foe, always a difficult feat at night. Scott’s tactics for the upcoming battle were an intelligent attempt to make up for the lack of a proven nightfighting doctrine.

The American position at sea looked bleak, but on land, when the newly arrived Japanese troops launched their attack on October 24–25, they were again repulsed. The Americans change command With intelligence indicating that another major Japanese effort was pending, Ghormley grew more pessimistic about whether Guadalcanal could be held. On October 15 he send a message to Nimitz describing his forces as “totally inadequate” to meet the next Japanese offensive. Having made a visit to the South Pacific from September 30 to October 2, Nimitz knew that the pessimism so prevalent at Ghormley’s headquarters at Noumea was not shared on Guadalcanal itself.

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