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This e-book is especially based, a excitement to learn, yet no longer an outstanding textbook -- after analyzing you're most likely to not take into account something except having loved it (this is especially actual of the facts of Dirichlet's theorem). For really studying to paintings within the topic (of analytic quantity theory), Davenport's e-book Multiplicative quantity thought is enormously stronger.

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The case of the divisor function r(n) is less obvious. However, representing the divisors of n as all integers of the form d = H p% pin with 0 < ce p < VP (n,) for each prime p, we deduce that r(n) = ll(vp (n) ± 1). pin Thus we can state the following result. Theorem 1. The divisor function is multiplicative. We have 7- (n) = H (v ± 1) (n ? 1). pv Iln We shall investigate later Euler's function and the o -k-functions. Let us now consider the case of the Mobius function. We have bt(i3v) ={ 01 (v = 1) (v > 1) and hence immediately obtain that it(n) = npv1101(111)' Theorem 2.

9. Let f be a complex-valued arithmetic function such that f(1) = 0. (a) Show that if f = u * v, with u and v not units, then for each prime pair (p, q) the solutions of the equation z 2 — f (pq)z + (p2 ) f (q 2 ) = 0 are u(p)v(q) and u(q)v(p). (b) Define gi (p, q) (i = 1, 2) to be the two complex numbers of the form gi (p, q) = f (pq) f (pq) 2 — 4f (p2 ) f (q 2 ) where a determination of a complex square root has been chosen. Show that if there exist four prime numbers p,q,r,s such that the 16 determinants of the form 9i(19,q) 9k(q7s) (i,j,k,f= 1,2) 93 (p, r) t (r 8 ) are all non-zero, then f is a prime element in A.

The following simple theorem will be useful in what follows. Theorem 6. _ 1). k=1 Remark. The sum over k is genuinely finite since the general term vanishes for k> (log n) / log p. ) = ( m) mk The inner sum equals the number of integers m < n which are divisible by pk • It therefore has value [n/pk ], which provides the desired expression. 1. ) 5_ — + P P P(P — l) (n >1). This readily follows from Theorem 6 and the bounds x —1 < [x] < x, valid for all real x.

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